by Carol



I made this for the New York Farscape Convention this year. Iím afraid I donít have any full length photos of myself alone so I included a photo taken with Virginia Hey (what a lovely and charming person).

It took about three hours to put on the makeup. I wore it two days in a row, I must be either very dedicated or slightly crazy. I understand why Virginia had to leave the show. I canít imagine having to go through that every day. No, I didnít shave my head, I cheated and used a bald cap, though shaving would certainly have been easier. I made small prosthetic pieces for my ears and wore blue contacts that left my eyes more red than blue by the end of the day. The eye patch gave me a screaming headache the first day so I only wore it for the evening cocktail party the second day.

The body of the costume was made with sparkly black and silver fabric from a, slightly altered, jumpsuit pattern. I added a blue satin and black lace inset. The small cape and hood were made with the same fabric but covered with lace. I wore black leather gloves and silver claws that I purchased at a renaissance festival. I bought the belt at a store that sells biker gear (leather chaps, jackets, boots). You just never know where you might find that perfect accessory :-)