[Planet of the Apes]

Winner: Best SciFi Costume, 2002

by Carol C.

I made this costume to wear at Toronto Trek last year a week before the new Planet of the Apes movie was released. I saw pictures of Ari in a magazine just had to try it.

The face is one prosthetic piece made with hot foam latex. I first sculpted it in clay, then made a cement mold from the sculpture, then mixed the latex, poured it in the mold and baked it for several hours. I glued it to my face with medical adhesive then added false eyebrows and a beard. My entire face is covered except for my eyes and lower lip. Eating and drinking was a challenge. I also glued hair to the back of my hands and knuckles.

The costume is several layers (and very hot). I made a velour turtle neck dickie and used a green scarf from Value Village (a thrift store, donít know if you have them in the U.S.). The shirt has double sleeves to partially cover my hands. The pants and jacket are made of upholstery fabric from a very altered suit pattern. The clasps are made from cord, buttons and ripped apart earrings. I wore black army type boots also from Value Village.