Chiana Costume

 by chemicalx!


The history of the costume is pretty piecemeal.  It took me about a month from idea to finish, and it wasn't until about half way through that I was sure I'd be able to pull it off.  I did a lot of wandering about from store to store, trying to figure out my options.  So here's basically how it went:

For the main clothing parts, I bought some black capri pants and a v-neck, elbow-length black crop top. Mostly I just went from place to place until I found something in about the right style.  The top only cost me $1 at a Salvation Army!  Then I experimented with various crochet stitches, to approximate the textured webby look Chi's costume has.  In all, I crocheted 7 different pieces:  one for the torso, 2 shoulders, 2 arm tubes, and 2 legs.  I didn't have a pattern at all, I just sort of made it up as I went along, testing it out as I went to make sure it would fit.  Then I stitched all the pieces onto the clothing to hold them in place, and attached the pieces to each other, and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.
For the small tank top type thing, I was lucky enough to have a sister in law who is Amazing with a sewing machine.  So we took measurements and designed a pattern, then we just cut the pattern out of charcoal gray felt (if I were doing this over, i think I'd choose black to have more of a contrast...), and my sis-in-law sewed it all together.  Then we added 2 strips of black elastic for the center straps, and I removed the silver clips from a couple of plastic name badges I had lying around and sewed them onto the elastic to hold the two sides together.  For the fur trim, I used acrylic "fur" that I first sewed into two tubes to hide the rough edges, then attached to the shoulders.
For the rest of the stuff, it was a matter of shopping around to find things that would work.  I bought a white "Eve" style wig, and I used some black mascara to give the wig a touch of black roots.  (This doesn't really show in the picture--I touched it up heavier after the pic was taken, and also teased it out a bit to make it fuller.)
I already had the boots and gloves, so I just bought a belt and a set of roller blading knee/elbow pads to finish off the accessories.
For the makeup, I mixed 2 Ben Nye Creme Foundations (P-1 White & P-15 Cadaver Grey) in about a 4:1 white to gray ratio or so.  (Well, mostly I just guestimated.)  A small plastic painter's pallette is great for mixing the makeup.  Then I used some Cinema Secrets Lighttouch Colorless Powder to set the foundation.  The eyeshadow is Ben Nye "ES-99 Black" and "ES-97 Greystone".  I also used the eyeshadow for the cheeks and shading around the collarbone, etc.  I also used black eyeliner and mascara and I used two shades of lipstick:  silver, and a dark metallic purple.
All together, I paid about $100, not counting the stuff I already had.  I was really tempted to buy some black contact lenses, but that would have more than doubled the total cost of the costume, and I just couldn't quite justify it.  It's one of those things that nags at the perfectionist in me maybe eventually...

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