Peacekeeper Tech 

Occulars, com badges, identchips, rank patches... we had so many great submissions we gave them a page of their own.


Winona replica  by David. Images courtesy of his site @

Pulse Gun replicas (above) by Kylash_327
Pulse Guns above submitted by S. Smith. Submitted by Chad. He's taken a different approach to the plastic molding process described in Pulse Gun 101. Check out his site to see how he constructed this terrific replica. Peacekeeper Rifle replica [above] submitted by Simon. Read his instructions on the process to create your very own Peacekeeper rifle. Click here.

DRD by Joe

Click here for details.

PK Rank Patch by GEM


PK Ident Chips by GEM

Comms and headset by Karl Jackson Doud

Talyn model

by Karl

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