Farscape Aliens

The images below represent all of the great reproductions and costumes that fellow Farscape fans have sent to us. If you have a costume that makes you particularly proud, sent us an email. We'd love to see it and share with other how you made your masterpiece!

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Creator: Chemical X

Description: Click here


Creator: Chad F.

Description: Click here


Creator: Jeff Allen

Pictures: Adam Hughes

Luxan Warrior

Creator: Morgan D.

Description: Click here

War Minister Ahkna

Creator: Marauder Pilot


Creator: Dennis


Creator: Sloopy Jon


None of the costumes or replicas shown at Karlsweb are for sale. These images are intended to serve as instruction or inspiration for other costumers. We provide pointers or instructions as a completely free service. Karlsweb does not promote the sale of unlicensed Farscape prop replicas or costumes.

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