Special Report

The following is the coverage of Conquest 2000 that was recently held in "the land down under". Virginia Hey was a guest for the event:

Virginia (Zhaan) was a great guest who generously gave of herself and her time. She was enjoyed by all of the fans, old and new. Her bubbly personality was infectious. She enthralled us with story upon story about the show, the make-up, her tattoos and the fans before coming back to finish
answering each and every question. It was obvious the cast get on so well together as she related stories and tales of out-takes. I think Virginia would have gone on for hours if we had let her. We just ran out of time!! She shared her love of country music. Virginia was so giving of her time. While we fed her lunch and chocolate, she chatted with fans, posed for
pictures and autographs were signed.

She returned a little later in the evening, giggling and laughing at the routine of our banquet co-compares as they introduced each entrant in the costume parade. Virginia and our Star Trek guest Richard Arnold judged the winner. Unfortunately a Star Wars character. Later that night, Virginia was found lazing over a sofa continuing to chat with fans particularly on topics of dress design and aromatherapy.

 Day two saw Virginia come down in a pantsuit making her 6'2" (in heels) body look taller and even more elegant. As Virginia was eager to see what merchandise was available she came down early to check out the dealers room. She ended up staying in there a while, chatting and signing more autographs.

As she is a keen Star Trek fan, Virginia sat in on Richard's talk asking questions about the makeup and prosthetics used to make up the aliens. Here SHE was just one of the fans!! Sitting in the back row. Nibbling on lunch, enjoying herself. Then it was Virginia's turn to hold the spotlight she continued on with her stories talking about the difficulties of working with puppets. As it is so complex, they shoot the puppets first with all of their moving bits and bring in the actors later to do their lines to an almost inanimate character. Another long line of autographs was signed. Shirts, buttons, photos, books and posters were all signed. Hugs were had and photos take until every fan went away satisfied. A few last photos with the committee then it was off to the Dead Dog Party. Some how Virginia was still as bubbly as ever. It was such a great weekend.

Our many thanks to jzero for his wonderful coverage and splendid pictures of this convention. We hope to be hearing from him in the future with additional coverage of other Farscape events in Oz.

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