Saturday: Ben Browder

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Although Ben gave no real news about Farscape’s return, there was a lot of nudging and winking going on. Before he came down to the convention, he said he got an email with talking points – topics he could talk about. Among other things, Ben said that they were currently negotiating with Brad Pitt to play the role of John Crichton (Boooo!) and with Kermit to play Rygel. According to Ben, the reason Farscape is shot in Australia is because any announcement has to cross the International Dateline which would destabilize space-time and cause a rift in the continuum. Or something like that. The truth is, he said, “Kemper is evil!” (We all knew that already.)  

Ben called three members of the audience up to the stage and gave each a poster from an upcoming TV movie he just finished shooting in Canada. He plays the part of Lee Majors (who played the part of Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man) in “Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Charlie's Angels'” The part came up quickly – Ben got the job one day and was on his way to Canada the next. Then on Sunday, he would be off to Texas to shoot the movie “A Killer Within”

Members of the audience came up to ask questions and the first person asked Ben what was the most memorable moment on the Farscape set. Ben said that every time he’s asked that question he gives a different answer. Not surprisingly, today’s answer was: The Last Day – saying good-bye to everyone. He said that he told them at the time that he would be haunted by them and that barely a day has gone by since that he hasn’t thought of them and of Farscape and of Australia.  

If you could be any other character on Farscape, who would you be? Ben said that he’d be Rygel because he’s got the best working conditions, he has a load of people looking after him, and, after all, he is the star of the show!  

What did Ben take away from Farscape – how did it shape him? Farscape allowed him to have faith that the next downtime wouldn’t be so bad. He learned to say – she’ll be awright, mate!

Someone asked him if he’d been writing and Ben said that he has but until he finishes a script, he doesn’t talk about it. “But thanks for askin’.” He told us that he sits down to write about a couple of rednecks, and Rygel floats through the door!

How long did he have to wear the stockings in “Scratch ‘n’ Sniff” – an entire morning, and what was worse they didn’t fit very well so they taped them to his legs




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