Friday: Paul Goddard and Virginia Hey

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Virginia: “I love Paul – I love Starkie!”

Paul: “This is the first Creation event I’ve been to.”

Virginia: “He’s a virgin. He’s a Creation virgin!”

Paul: “I’m a Creation…Yeah, right”

They decided to go right to the questions from the audience and told people to come up and take advantage of them. “We won’t bite ya!” said Virginia, although she did bite Paul a little later on.

The first question was about wardrobe and how they managed to get new clothes in the Uncharted Territories. Virginia said, “We found ways!” Perhaps, she said, there were some seamstress DRDs working in the bowels of Moya!

The next question was about Farscape returning. If Farscape were to return, would Virginia be returning as Zhaan? Virginia said she didn’t know, but she couldn’t wear the makeup because it makes her “not feel so good.” She didn’t rule out Zhaan’s return, though.

This next one was for both of them: What was the most emotional moment you had on Farscape? And the funniest moment you had on Farscape. Paul said that when Zhaan died and he was bouncing off of brick walls. He also mentioned the death of 10,000 Banik slaves as being pretty intense. Virginia said that Zhaan cried a lot. “She fell down a lot and she cried a lot.” She (Virginia) used to read the scripts and cry at the emotional bits. When she knew that Zhaan was going off into another dimension in “Wait for the Wheel”, Virginia said that she tried not to cry because she thought it would be more powerful. As for funny, Virginia said that that when Ben was in Scorpius makeup and costume, she thought he really was Wayne! Paul said that his moment was getting vomited on by Pilot.

“When you first saw a Farscape script, did you look at it and say ‘This is what I’m going to do?’” Paul said that it wasn’t being shown in Australia and he mentioned thinking about offshore American schlock (he said it with a smile) before he read the script. When he got there, Rowan Woods encouraged him to go ballistic in the “my side/your side” bit.

“Is Stark a vegetarian?” Paul didn’t answer that question, but he said he had a theory about Zhaan’s photogasms. You know the shtick with Stark’s mask and the light…?

Virginia has a thing for putting little x’s as kisses on many of the autographs she signs. Once when she took a cab from the airport, they went through a not-so-nice area of town and many of the signs and windows had XXX on them. She told the driver that she thought that was really sweet. “Hey, lady! Are you for real?”

Someone wanted to know what Zhaan taught Virginia. Patience, for one thing. Virginia said that she’s a bit like a Labrador puppy bouncing all over the place and knocking things off of tables. Zhaan is very still. 


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