* SC2K3 *

A FarScape Fan Party

Because It Takes Intelligence to Follow Something Good


*August 1-3, 2003* Chicago, IL* Radisson Hotel O'Hare*

Presented With Love by

Blue Lady Productions, Inc

A fan-run, non-profit, fan-sponsored FarScape party, entirely staffed by volunteers.

By the fans, for the fans.


Blue Lady Productions, Inc is probably the only non-profit of its kind, to set fourth the rules of engagement for their events, in their newsletters:

 ScaperCon Primer

This year we have many 1st time convention attendees or "newbies" coming to ScaperCon. To assist you and make your experience even more pleasurable, we offer a few suggestions:

1) If you plan on arriving at the convention early, say Wednesday or Thursday, you will find the Scapers IN THE BAR

2) For those who have pre-registered for the convention, your banquet tickets and convention packets will be given to you at the convention registration table. Simply tell the registration staff your name (your REAL LIFE name by the way)and show them a form of ID to prove that you really are you.

3) If you will be attending the Friday Night Party, you will find the Scapers IN THE BAR. They will be the ones in Hawaiian or Mambo shirts. Why Mambo shirts? Think Scorpius in "Crackers Donít Matter" or any picture of Ricky Manning for that matter. Itís tradition. Wear a Hawaiian shirt. Trust us. Youíll fit in just fine.

4) Bring beads. Any kind of beads. Pretty beads, ugly beads, big beads, little beads. Give these beads to Lori aka Loki. She makes gorgeous necklaces from them as remembrance items. Itís tradition. To locate her, she will be... IN THE BAR.

5) There will be a bulletin board in the Grand Ballroom Foyer for Scapers to pin up announcements about room parties, society meetings, or any information you want people to see. Please remember that incriminating or embarrassing photos of Scapers posted onto this bulletin board are encouraged and applauded. See the ScaperCon Yearbook Page  for examples.


Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network (Australia) and the Sci-Fi Channel. No copyright infringement is intended and no financial gain has been made by any of the staff of this web site.