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Pictures mostly by Stephen or Graeme

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¡°Hello, gorgeous!¡± 

Huh? Who said that? I stopped and looked around. Maybe someone had spotted Cindy Crawford? We are in LA after all¡ª 

Before I knew it, I was enveloped in a huge hug bestowed on me by Virginia Hey as soon as I entered the party. Whoa! Zhaan hugged me! How cool is that? And she called me gorgeous. (So, she needs glasses. I won¡¯t hold that against her.) 

I grinned and giggled, feeling my ears and face turn bright pink. The room¡¯s lights are dimmed and I¡¯m grateful. ¡°Hello! Thank you!¡± I stammer. (Oh. You¡¯re ultra cool, Amy. Smooth.) 

I drifted away with the crowd making its way through the door. Barb and I (accompanied by our two friends from across the pond, Steve and Graham) found a table for prime people watching. (OK. To be honest, I found the bar first, then we found a table.) 

There were maybe about a dozen and a half tables, already filled with happy Scapers eager to ¡°meet and greet¡± their favorite stars. An excited buzz filled the room as more of the ¡°who¡¯s who¡± of the uncharted territories appeared. 

Here¡¯s the answer to the energy crisis: Gigi Edgely. She¡¯s was full of pep and energy, you could bottle it. Ricky Manning plopped down in the chair at my side. Ever wise-cracking, the man is Groucho Marx of our time. He¡¯s even got the mustache. He joked with me: ¡°Where¡¯s Karl? I was going to tell you everything, but he¡¯s not here?! Forget it!¡± 

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Virginia Hey dropped by. Our friend Steve nabbed yet another picture with her. Lani appeared, all smiles. No doleful Captain Crais scowls. His laugh is wonderful. Bianca Chiminello is downright striking in person. A regular supermodel! Raelee Hill was an impossibly petite auburn haired cutie. Paul Goddard and David Franklin mingled with the crowd, stopping to photos and clowning around. It was kind of strange seeing David smile and laugh; not the typical way you¡¯d expect Captain Braca to act. Paul was really subdued, but gracious and charming. No Stark-like ranting here. He was nice enough to take a picture with me. I considered making a joke about the Matrix, but realized that it probably would not have been the first time he¡¯s heard it. (Again, smooth move, Amy.

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As the night spun on, I chatted with a few of the other folks at our table. I am sure there¡¯s a special corner of purgatory for people like me, but I am terrible with names and even worse with nicknames, so ladies I had a terrific time talking with you and I apologize for forgetting your names! 

One by one, our stars disappeared from the party. No doubt those guys have to have been tired. If a two hour time difference totally threw me out of whack. I cannot imagine the toll taken by an 18 hour plane ride. Yet to their credit, every single one of the actors was a pleasure to meet. None of them failed to amaze me. 

Soon it was time for the costume contest. There was a ¡°Pwincess¡± from John Quixote. A stark. Peacekeepers in their black leather (or pleather) finery. Another ad lib contest was created. Could anyone do Farscape impersonations? That¡¯s a tough one. But Scapers are a resourceful lot. 

Although the party was far from over, I was ready to crash. Warring time zones and the down slope after all that nervous excitement took its toll on me. What a fantastic evening. It was a night I am not going to forget!



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