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Charity Breakfast

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Wayne Pygram

Wayne01M.jpg (33220 bytes)One of the first things Wayne was asked was about was the roller coaster incident. He’d never been on a roller coaster before and when they decided to shoot the part of Icarus Abides where John gets free of Harvey on a roller coaster, they asked Wayne if he was okay with that.  Oh sure, no worries. Now, those of us who were at the convention in 2000 learned from Brian Henson and David Kemper that in Australia “no worries” means “you are so screwed!” Eight takes and they were finished and Wayne made a run for it while the rest of the crew shot Ben’s close-ups with a stand-in who was trying to hang on while riding the roller coaster and at the same time, trying to read Harvey’s lines for the first time. 

The next question was about why so many science fiction villains have English or Australian accents. Wayne said that there’s nothing really un-charming about the Australian accent, and he usually tries to go neutral. When he does this he usually ends up sounding English. It wasn’t so much that he wanted to sound British or Australian for Scorpius, it was more that he wanted a way to demonstrate Scorpy’s power, his position and status.

 Wayne had what he called a “few little giveaways” for the fans. After he had answered the first fan’s question, he turned the tables and asked a question of his own. Fill in the last word of one of Scorpy’s lines. Believe it or not, Wayne had to read the line from his notes and he explained why. Once a scene is over, he tosses the script pages and forgets about them. He feels that if he keeps dwelling on the old stuff, it will have an adverse effect on the new scenes. “I condemn you John Crichton to…” The fan got it right – “live”. Wayne had a few shirts with South Park Scorpy on the front. They were designed by Dave Elsey of Creature Shop fame and they’re super!  

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Do you feel that Scorpius/Harvey is winning John’s trust? Wayne answered that he didn’t think he was exactly winning John’s trust but that Scorpy is a single minded person and he and John have a shared goal. He’d never seen anyone like Crichton in his life before the Aurora Chair. Wayne feels that they have a regard for each other’s intelligence. Scorpius doesn’t lie and John identifies with that. If Scorpy makes a contract, he’ll abide by it. 

Next question for the fan: “My patience is formidable, Crais, but it’s not…?” “Infinite.” The fan answered the question and won the second of the three t-shirts. 

Another fan told Wayne that his scenes with Claudia Karvan (Natira) were amazing and wanted to know if there was a chance of Scorpy’s friend coming back. Wayne said, “Oh, yes. Please!” He likes Claudia a lot and has worked with her off and on over the past 10 years. She was excited about wearing the prosthetic makeup for her role in Farscape, but she had a hard time because it was really uncomfortable for her. He said that some scenes, like the scene between Scorpy and Natira, are much easier to do with someone you’ve never met before. If you know the other actor it can be a bit…icky. Claudia’s not his sister, he said, but “you know what I mean.” They actually reshot some of that scene because it came off as Wayne and Claudia rather than Scorpius and Natira.  

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Next question from Wayne: “These cartoons are a crutch, an attempt to shield yourself instead of doing what is called for... Revenge!” No shirt given out on this one until the next fan up to the microphone got it right and won the shirt. 

Someone wanted to know if Scorpius is one of the most ambitious people on Farscape. Wayne said he thought so because Scorpius is one of a kind, a hybrid, who grew up on his own. He’s been tortured and he was only kept alive as an experiment. He’s had to do it all on his own, he’s very self-sufficient and he presents one thing but his real agenda is hidden. 

Wayne talked a little bit about the clone in Crichton’s head. He’s not really becoming a friend of Crichton’s, he’s more like a mirror. His mission was to get the wormhole information and that’s done. Now he’s like an actor without a role, wandering around looking for a job. Because he was abandoned by Scorpius, he needs a job and he’s going to serve Crichton as best he can. 


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