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Green Eyed Monster Panel 

This was supposed to be a DVD type of commentary, but there was something wrong with the tape, so everyone moved their chairs to the center of the stage and went for a question/answer instead. (It’s not a screw-up, it’s a creative opportunity.) Ben said this is what, on Farscape, is called Waterloo. They’ll get to a point in the shooting schedule where they can’t go forward, they can’t go backward, they’re like Napoleon, stuck in the mud.

David Kemper said that it was Ben’s story, his script and that he and Tony Tilse had been working on it from the very beginning. Ben said that he wanted to write a piece with Claudia and Lani. He came in the office all excited, covered with makeup and goop, “We get swallowed by a Budong!” The rest of the writers are like, “Ho hum, what’s for lunch?”. 

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So, okay, the first thing they decided is that they kiss.”Is there any way we can get Aeryn to kiss Crais? Is there any way we can get Crichton to kiss Crais?” Oops. “Well, black hair, ponytail. They got confused. That’s the secret scene!” Ben wanted to write for Claudia in particular because he figured that she’d save his ass. Claudia said, “He’s always talking about me saving his ass. I spend all my time looking at his ass.” So Ben replied, “You don’t think I’m following her ponytail around, do you?”

They shot several bits of Green Eyed Monster with small hand-held cameras because they can get some great effects rather cheaply that way. Claudia said, “Okay, this is it. We’ve been canceled by the network and we’re now shooting home videos.” Ben: Season Four in TilseVision!

They took a little detour back to the corridor scene in Liars, Guns and Money after the lights went out and Aeryn and D'Argo were wearing the night vision goggles. Tony Tilse had the idea of turning out all the lights in the whole studio and shooting the scene using only the lights from the pyrotechnics for illumination. The only problem with that was that the night vision goggles didn’t actually work, they’re props, so Claudia and Anthony couldn’t see anything. They called “action” and it was fantastic! But nobody knew what was going on. Bekhesh turned around and punched Claudia in the face! 

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According to DK, what they had with Green Eyed Monster was three people. (Stark and Rygel were removed to the transport pod.) Two Peacekeepers and Crichton who started out hating one and loving the other. That was the core of the story. 

One of Tony Tilse’s favorite scenes was Crichton’s long walk down the corridor after he’d seen the vidchip of Aeryn and Crais. That wasn’t in the script. According to Ben, Tony’s the master of “just one more shot”. They’ll be shooting four episodes later and Tony’ll sneak onto the set, “Just one more shot! Gotta get just one more shot.”

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In the script there was supposed to be a nude scene between Crais and Aeryn – something about them thrashing around – for Talyn’s little home movie. Claudia has a no-nude-scenes clause in her contract, and she figured that it wasn’t really Aeryn anyhow, so they could use a double. (Ben said he was trying to do Lani a favor). Lani took up the story here. On the day, a gorgeous woman comes in to do the scene with Crais. They walked into the scene, and unbeknown to Lani, she had no idea what she was going to do. Nobody told her! (It was in the script.) Lani tried to talk her through the scene – I’m going to put my hands on your waist and you tell me if that’s okay. Now I’ll put my hands on your shoulders and you tell me if that’s okay. They never got to the thrashing around part because she raised her arms to toss back her hair and Tony said, “Great! Great!” And that’s the bit they used. DK said it was easier to set a guy on fire than to do that! Meanwhile, Lani’s wife and child turned up and all Lani could say was, “For God’s sake, don’t let them on set!”

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I think they would have stayed much longer talking to us but the Creation guy came out and said that some of the audience had planes to catch so the had to get on with the autographs. Too bad because this was one of the best parts of the weekend, probably better than the original DVD Commentary thing would have been.


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I just have one little anecdote that happened during the autograph session. We were wearing shirts with Karlsweb logos on them, and when we got to Ben for his autograph, he asked my husband if he was Karl. (He isn’t.) Then Ben said that Karlsweb is “a great site”. For me, this was the second best thing that happened all weekend.

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