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I didn’t think anything could be more fun than last year’s convention but I was wrong. Really wrong. The whole cast and crew are such a great group of people who love what they’re doing and love to share it with the fans. The time passed so quickly that the weekend was over almost before it started. For all of you who were there, I hope this report brings back some great memories, and for those who couldn’t make it to Burbank, reading this will give you a small idea of what a fantastic weekend it was.

We took the pictures to be enjoyed by everyone who visits Karlsweb, so if you want them, take them. All we ask is that 1) you don't sell them (they are copyright, after all) and 2) if you use them on your web site, you include a link to Karlsweb ( 

I took most of the photos with a digital camera and my husband took the rest with a regular camera.  We were lucky enough to be right in the front row, so we were able to get different angles on the happenings on the stage.  Some of the pictures are great, some are truely awful, but even an awful picture of these folks is better than no picture at all!

Just click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pictures. 



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Schedule of Events

Saturday September 1, 2001

Sunday September 2, 2001

Monday September 3, 2001

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