Toadie's Bio Page

Ok where to start? First I would like to say it is all Karl's fault! He made me do it. So anything bad you want to say to me direct to him, anything nice I'll happily accept. Secondly I would like to thank Amy, Johryn and Quiltlady for all their help, advice and kicks in the ass. I should thank Karl at this point as well but I won't. His ego's big enough already.

Ok what else to say? Well I like Farscape, I say like because I find people who claim to love a television series slightly suspicious. It isn't real folks, honest. But that aside I love Farscape. The show is just so damn good and actually original and not a Star Trek clone. Not that I have anything against Star Trek but after the 1500th episode in which the same dren happens I find it gets a bit wearing. I love science fiction and have a reasonably huge collection of books by authors ranging from the old school to the new. I only actually started doing my own stuff less than a year ago when I stumbled over a Farscape fan site with fiction on it. That site belonged to Karl and I felt I had to share my opinion of his work with him, which wasn't always complimentary. He seemed to take my criticism as well as my praise well and after I had annoyed him for a while he challenged me to produce my own work and eventually I did. And in doing so I gained a healthy respect for what the rest of the fan writers out there do. It wasn't as easy as I thought. But I persevered and finally actually wrote some stuff I liked and found that other people did too. That was a shock let me tell you.

Ok what else? Well for one, I am the only person on the site who doesn't come from America. I am actually from Scotland, yes that's right land of eternal darkness and rain, or at least that's how it seems sometimes. Well I think that just about covers everything, apart from why I am called Toadie. I confess I have no idea. Amy christened me Toadie in a discussion we had once and it stuck, why exactly she did, I don't think either of us remembers but if you are really interested, annoy her for a while about it. She might not remember but I guarantee the story she would make up would be... Memorable.