What the frell is a karlsweb?  

Although not always known under the registered domain name karlsweb.com, this website has been in existence since fall of 1999. It has since undergone many transformations and gone from a one man show (Karl...duh!) to an entire crew. If you'd like to know more, this link will take you to some of the comments of Kweb's crew about their experiences over the years. Karlsweb Retrospective

The Kweb Crew:

Name: AmyJ

Duties: Editor-in-Chief, Fiction writer, Illustrator, Costumer


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Name: Karl

Duties: Founder, Owner, Spoiler-monger, Illustrator, Fiction writer

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Name: PKBarb

Duties: Editor of Newscape, creator of the Karlsweb EnScapelopediaCommerce Planet, Episode Reviews, Behind the Scenes and Convention Reports Beta-reader extraordinaire, Far Far Roving Reporter,

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Name: Toadie

Duties: Fiction Writer 

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