Four years later and still here!

Fourth Anniversary Celebration!


The History of Karlsweb...

"How the hell did we get here?"


Farscape premiered 3/19/99

I (Karl) started watching Farscape the 3rd episode in. It was ok, but Pilot, Moya and the set blew my socks off. Around that time I was learning HTML. So I did a web site called: Welcome to Moya It was a description page all the areas of Moya Pilots Den, Terrace, Command Tier, ETC.


Welcome to Moya: The background of this page was what I made for the background of that site. Can you say "What were you thinking?"<G> I have only small remnants of that site. Click the image to see some of the humble beginnings of karlsweb.


I followed that site up with: IASA page. A view of the farscape program from the IASA. Around this time I found out I was going to be a father for the second time. We were so excited my son would have a little brother. My wife and I joked about her being pregnant at the same time as Moya.


 IASA: Farscape Mission Report Here was a precursor to my starting to write fiction. The idea was to cover up the Farscape 1 mission. When I started writing this, the basis was for Jack to try to get to the bottom of what happened to his son.


We lost the baby very late in the pregnancy. It hit us very hard. To deal with my loss I started writing fiction about Jack Crichton. I found it easy to identify with his character in dealing with the loss of his son. It was unbelievably helpful to work through all the stages of grief. Around this time I met up with Browny and she started posting my stories on her wonderful site. After a time I decided to post the stories with pictures on my own site.

So I started: Karl's Farscape 2 page...

 Karls Farscape 2 Page Ok, there is nothing much that remains of this site. The story site I did evolved into the site that you see today. If you go to this link, you will get the flavor of what the site was.


From there I added Behind the Latex and Paint and then the big addition of Spoilers. The site for the first time started to look familiar to anyone who visits it today. I had a wonderful Beta reader, PKBarb. She read my first story, Passage, and contacted me about Beta-ing my story. Barb has always been the moral compass of the site. Then Amy contacted me about the site and we started corresponding. I asked her if she would mind writing a story for the site. Bang! With Amy's input, the site exploded! With the help of another wonderful writer, Johryn, and all her professional web experience. Then this guy came along, who continuously haunted me to finish the latest story, Toadie.  To whom I suggested, "If you want fiction, why don't you write some?" He did and his mega story Black and White is still going strong. Finally Barb, my beta reader, was nice enough to come on board the site. With her hard work the site has expanded immensely... first with her fabulous Con Reports, Merchandise Reviews, Episode Reviews, Behind the Scenes, Newscape and EnScapelopedia. I acquired and the site became Karlsweb: Farscape E- zine.

Karlsweb Farscape E-zine This is where you are now. Thanks to the great staff Amy, Barb Johryn, and Toadie if it weren't for them karlsweb Farscape E zine would not be here.

Karl: The name karlsweb is no head trip or self-indulgence. It's simple... Karl is my name and no one can say it belonged to them first. <G> I have tried to change the name of the site, but... as the rest of the Kweb crew says... it's a name folks know in the Farscape community. So,although the site's actual name is Karlsweb: Farscape E zine. Everyone calls it Karlsweb. So I just got used to it.

Everything was going smashingly till I got the news that my wife was pregnant again. It was a time of cautious excitement. Then we discovered she was not havening one... But two! Well the site was going to have to be shut down. With two on the way there was no way for me to maintain the site. Amy had been helping out with a lot of stuff on the site and she was nice enough to step forward and take over. Amy, as the editor, has taken my little site and made into something special. That doesn't mean that I don't rear my ugly head from time to time just to be a pain in her frelling arse.<G> So if you like the site, you can thank the wonderful staff of Kweb.

I hope that you have enjoyed our site over the past few years. I have to say it has given me more then I could ever imagine. Not only did writing give me a outlet to deal with a very dark period in my life, but I gained some wonderful friends along the way.
So thank you all its been a frelling blast!
All the best and Scape on!!!!

PS My son now has two beautiful sisters<G>

A few words from each of the Kweb crew... (in order of appearance)

PKBarb: The first I knew of Karlsweb (before it was Karlsweb) was when the IASA Project Review page turned up on a search I did for Farscape. I remember wondering where this Karl guy stole all those cool pictures from. It wasn’t until I found his wonderful fiction about Jack Crichton, complete with pictures, on Browny’s page that I realized he’d made them himself. I decided to ask if I could beta his stories, not because I thought he needed the help, but because I figured that was the best way to get hold of them sooner.  

Shortly after that, Karl asked me to do a short report for the Burbank convention in 2000 and before I knew it I was doing episode reviews and a whole bunch of other things that I never would have imagined. I’ve met, both in person and in chats, a great group of people that I’m proud to call friends. Happy Birthday, Karlsweb!   

AmyJ: You ever see that movie, Back to the Future? Michael J. Fox discovers that his father, George McFly, (before he became his father) wrote science fiction stories. But when Marty eagerly asks George to read one of the stories, he snatches it away in a fit of self-conscious anxiety saying, "Oh no! You can't do that! What if it's no good?" 

Beyond my immediate ability to identify as a writer with good old George McFly, I do find that is a good question: "What if…" What if I never found Karl's IASA website? What if I NEVER told anyone I've been writing stories since grade school? What if I didn't press the send button on that email to Karl containing the first dreadfully melodramatic passages from Daddy's Girl? (This is all overshadowed by the huge what if… What if my boss had been walking by at the same time?)  

For the first time in my life I didn't listen to George McFly. And look at what I have! This amazing, incredible group of friends. Karl, the person who, since day one, believed I could "be more". You are the bane of my spineless existence and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you. Johryn, I had always feared I was a Farscape zealot, until I met you, friend. You have found your gift in writing and I have enjoyed watching it flourish. Thank you. PKBarb, you are the person I can only aspire to be some day. Thank you. And, the singular Toadie, despite your impeccable ability to say just the wrong thing at the right time, you are a dear friend. Thank you.  

Happy anniversary, my friends. Here's to many more.

Toadie: Wow. I find it hard to believe that we have reached this stage already, another anniversary for the site and my first anniversary of being involved with it. Who would have thought at this point last year when I talked Karl and Amy into posting my short attempt at fanfic that I would still be writing it a year later? Originally it was only going to be four parts... Yes your heard it here first, FOUR!! Now it is four times that size, and almost one hundred thousand words long. Amazingly enough they have preserved with my continual expansion of the story and more importantly with my involvement with the site. This last year has just been so much fun, capped off with the first of many meeting between the crew at the World Con in Philadelphia. I would like to take this chance to publicly give my thanks to the others, to PKBarb and Johryn for there betaing and story advice, to Amy for her support and editing of my story and to Karl for not complaining too much when I once again added another section to the story. <G> seriously though, it is all thanks to Karl that we got together and thanks to Amy that we have stayed together and become such friends. So any complaints you might have, direct them towards those two, I was completely innocent and probably not even in the country at the time the incident occurred. 

As is always the case with me this was only supposed to be a hundred or so words long, but as I always say why keep things simple when you can make them so complex even you lose track of what’s happening at times.  So once more I give my thanks and praise to Amy, who took over the running of the site so long ago and has in my opinion not only kept to Karl’s high standards but raised them to her own through dedication and hard work, all the while continuing to write her own breathtaking fiction. To Karl, who inspired us all to come together through his site and his skilled writing. To Barb whose sage advice and humor kept us on the straight and narrow, and last but not least to Johryn who, despite her love of Ben's posterior, I think of as a great friend an excellent writer.   


Janet: Karlsweb ... in a hundred words or less. Now that's a challenge! Not only because the site is so frelling great, but because it, and the friends I've made through it, have changed my life. Instead of dreaming about being a writer, I am one. Not just Farscape (fan)fiction, but I've actually started working on my first novel thanks to these great people. I was first drawn to Karl's unique stories (that guy's got quite the imagination) and, of course, the spoilers. Then I got sucked in by Daddy's Girl (Amy's masterpiece) and pretty soon, for reasons unknown, they asked me to stay and play. And I'll admit, it was the best decision I've made in a LONG time.   

A Collection of banner art along the way.


The collage on the left was outdated when I finished it. Toadie and Johryn's fiction were not included. So for this, our second anniversary, I fixed that by doing a new collage that includes all of the writers' original characters here at Kweb.

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