From the start…

I can't believe it. Karlsweb has been around for over four years. Its name has changed and its content refined. But it has been here for you and me... the Farscape fans. AmyJ has steered the course for most of that time. funky old bannerThe site would have withered away if not for her ability to find something new and different week after week. Along with Barb who has expanded the site with Newscape. Without them Karlsweb would not be here. I owe them everything. They deserve a lot of praise because in the lean times they have stood by me and the site delivering something special.

Future ImperfectYou may have noticed the catch phrase we've had for a while:

Karlsweb Farscape E-zine: Expanding the Universe.

What does that mean exactly?

More to come...You see in our fiction section, Fiction in Technicolor, we develop stories in the Farscape Universe but not necessarily using John and Aeryn Dargo, Chiana, Pilot, Rygel, Moya and all the other fantastic characters. In fact, some of the stories center around characters that have never met any member of the familiar Farscape family.

As we strove to deliver stories to fill the long void between airing of new episodes, these grew to populate their own unique corner of the Uncharted Territories. Along with this we packed in Humor, The Karlsweb EnScapelopediaBloopers, Spoilers, Costuming, Newscape and much more. This is who we were…

…till the end

Since then, the show's been cancelled and with it unfortunately came the demise of many a fan site out there. But with that said we are still here and are planning to stay. After the loss of the show, we decided that regardless of what happened to the show we were not going anywhere. Now we stand posed to learn if the latest rumblings are true: Will Farscape return? As I write this I look forward to hearing more but I also know that regardless of the outcome we will be here for all the fans that will remain. The future remains bright here at Karlsweb.

It's been a Hezmana of a ride... and it's far from over!

Scape on!



The great thing about Karlsweb, apart from its obviously superior content, is the people that make it happen. It drew reasonably disparate people with common interests together and formed bonds that go much deeper than simple common interests. The crew of Kweb are far flung though none as flung far as myself… and even that’s not far enough away in some peoples' opinions... come on you know who you are… anyway through the great uniting power of Kweb we met and together we created something far beyond what we thought possible.

Karl with his vision, Amy with her talent and tenacity and Barb with her patience and advice all combined to create something noteworthy in the annuals of fandom. All I brought to the mix was chaos but I like to think that helped spark the entity that Karlsweb has become into life.

Four years later we are still going strong while others falter, we plan to diversify and with each change become stronger and more powerful than before until we rule the world!!! But you never heard that from me. Until then ‘Scape on.


Four years. Four years! It's funny how some parts of your life pass quickly and others so slowly, all winding together through the same actual time period. Jack Crichton SeriesIt's nearly impossible to believe it was so long ago that I read Karl's first Jack Crichton tales and, shortly after that, Amy's first Elenor Crichton stories. Or was it just yesterday? Farscape and Karlsweb have brought so many good things into my life, most important of all, friendship. We were friends long before we met each other, brought together by the show we hold so close to our hearts, and we remain friends and hopefully always will. It's been a wonderful four years.

Thank you Karl, Amy and Toadie.


Holy buckets! And still no paycheck for this?! OK. So that alone must prove I'm not in it for the money. :) Call it insanity. Call it altruism. I just plain love doing this stuff. And by stuff I mean the occasionally well-crafted fan fiction, the more recently well-crafted photoshopping and, heck, even fixing broken links when the mood strikes.

Even though the show's gone, I've got a wonderful bunch of friends here in Kaaaaaaaaaaaarl, Barb and Toadie. Without these guys, I doubt I'd be doing anything nearly as fun or interesting. Their friendship is a rather important part of my daily life and I'd really not have it any other way. So, thank you guys for four fun filled years. Here's to the journey ahead. And thank you, Scapers. We want you stick with us, because we're nowhere near the end of the road!

AmyJ, editor

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