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2002 Edition OK. I have finally updated this page. Hey... I have been a bit busy! <Grin> OK with that out of the way let's start. My name is Karl <Duh>! I live in New England and I'm still in my thirties. Yes that's me in the picture above.

I love Science fiction in its many forms. Lets start off with Books, Wells: War of the Worlds and The Time Machine. Clark: Childhoods End, 2001, 2010 and Rama. King: The Stand, Pet Cemetery and the Mist. Benford: Great Sky River, Tides of Light and anything to do with Mars. Stanley Kim Robinson: The Mars trilogy. Red was the best. Green was good. Blue was lost but still worth the read. I just finished the first book of the Lensmen series. Wow I didn't realize Babylon 5 was that old. <Grin> Hey JMS how about giving credit where credit is due. I know I'm missing a lot others but lets move on to Movies: The Day the Earth Stood Still, 2001, Forbidden Planet, Alien, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, Things to Come, Metropolis... Television: Classic Trek, The Avengers, Lost in Space, UFO, Space:1999, Star Trek: the Next Generation and my all time favorite Babylon 5 (Sorry Farscape). Farscape is a bit of an enigma to me. I can't for the life of me figure out why I like it. I tend to like hard SF and Farscape is far from that. I remember watching an episode and not being impressed except for the LUSH set designs.

But I will say what kept me watching at the beginning was Pilot and Moya. After a rocky start this season I hope that with episodes like TWWW and CDM that Farscape will replace B5 as my all time favorite show. With the more recent episodes like Out of their minds: "Hey I'm a guy what do you expect?" <Grin> I would do the same

January 2001 update:

I must say the recent episodes have stalled my enthusiasm. I have grown tired of Mental Meltdown Crichton and I look forward to season three and a new direction. May the "turning on its ear " be a change for the better. I am very disappointed with the Sci Fi Channel's decision to shelve the show for so long period. It does not help having the show simply go away. Ok, Ok disclaimer time... These opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Karlsweb.com or its other staff members. <G>

April 2002 update:

OK the season was getting better and better then WTF!!!! Eat Me!!!! I could never get past Eat Me... I took it almost personally that they would take the fans of the show as accepting anything in the name of Farscape. I found this episode really jumped the shark for me. But the show got increasingly better as the season progressed. I liked the way the gave the shippy folks. <NOT ME> What they wanted, yet not. LOL That was brilliant but they could have found another way to Twin John... VERY Disappointing guys. Ok enough lets hope we don't have many more episodes like that or you could find Kweb in the trash heap along with all the Dot.Coms. LOL

Now back to me...<G>

I graduated from Northeastern University and I'm an Electrical Engineer in a small R&D company outside of Boston.( Look at update below.)

I have been happily married for almost ten years. My wife and I met through a local Sci Fi club a long time ago. (To see her picture go to my Costuming page, she was the telepath Leta Alexander from "A Date With Destiny" a B5 masquerade entry we were involved with.) It's funny when I met her she was a big fan of NextGen Fan Fic. I was like "Oh please give me a break! People waste their time writing stories that they know will never be published?" (Hey, she still married me.) We have a wonderful son. ( Look at update below.) His image is used as young Jack Selton at the end of Mars and on the Biographies 1 page look for 5 year old Jack Selton.

This is old news... <Grin>

The big news is we are expecting TWINS this fall! <Big Frelling Grin!> I can't wait! I was worried for a time that the page updates would become fewer as free time is about to evaporate. The good news is with regular contributors like Amy, Johryn, PKBarb, Toadie and FarFected. With all of their help I think you will find they'll always be something here new and refreshing for fans of Farscape.

January 2001 update:

We have two wonderful additions to the family last fall. The girls are great and their older brother is quite proud of them. Life has really changed here at karlsweb central. Along with the girls' arrival Karl got a great new job just before they made there debut. Yes, I am a gluten for punishment.

Now with the family home and safe it's time for Karl to head in for a Vasectomy. <G>


April 2002 update:

OK well sleep is finally returning to the Kweb household. LOL The girls are finally sleeping though the night!!!!! The kids are getting big and there big brother has been great to them.








We brought our son to London and Paris with us this year. We all had a blast it is something we will always remember and the girls got to spend a long weekend with the grammys. <G>

April 2002 update:
he story of how this page started out and how I got into writing Fan Fiction is a long and winding one. Click Here to get the long and winding road that is Karlsweb. I owe a lot of thanks to Browny of the now lost Browny's Farscape Page.

I should also mention Amy and Barb well actually there should be angelic music at the mention of there names these two now run the site. Amy the overseerer of everything and Barb running the newest addition to Kweb, NewScape. With out there hard work the site would be long gone. I would like you to go and send them a little line thanking them for keeping the Kweb torch lit.

I would also like to thank Johryn for doing a wonderful job making the site look like a real site and for the wonderful stories she has come up with again and again. And who could forget Toadie?!? His epic Black and White will be completed by the end of season 8 of Farscape. All 3045 parts! This man has really come through with a great story.

Now back to me... <G>
ow I have had quite a few nit pickers out there about my writing style or lack there of. I guess its time to come out of the closet. I have a severe learning disability that I have struggled with my entire life. Writing, Spelling and Syntax have always been the bane of my existence.

Learning disabilities are called the hidden handicap. They are socially misunderstood. People tend to generalize it into some form of mental retardation. Or assume you have a low IQ. All a pile of Dren! For this reason I have always kept this dirty little secret to myself. I have found through this page and my team of wonderful Beta-er's, Quiltlady and Johryn. Thanks to all of you I now know that its ok. It doesn't matter. I now feel comfortable enough with it to speak openly about my learning disability. So please enjoy the site and ignore the writing. Thanks for taking the time to read my Bio. I hope you enjoyed the site.

Thanks for stopping by


That's me hanging out on Arcanum's central node set from the story MARS.