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International Aeronautics and Space Administration

"Bringing space into reach for humanity."

Project Review Report : FARSCAPE


Program Assessment: AJT-78-9229 Farscape-1.

 Project overview

Theory: by using Earth's gravity well, a space craft can accelerate past escape velocity 25,000 miles/Hr. cutting significantly the amount of energy needed for a spacecraft to break out of Earth's orbit. This would make interplanetary travel cheaper and more accessible to the private sector. Commander John Crichton, head of the Farscape team, won the coveted Wernher Von Braun Research Grant from the IASA New Technologies Fund in 1997. Under the IASA agreement the Farscape program is given two years to construct and fly a test vehicle that proves this theory. The Farscape program is broken up in to three phases.

Phase 1: Constructed from off the self components, the test vehicle christened Farscape-1.

Phase 2: Farscape-1 will be delivered into orbit by a NASA space shuttle to perform its first gravity assist experiment. Once in orbit Farscape-1 would dive through the upper atmosphere and accelerate to escape velocity 25,000 MPH. Once escape velocity is reached the vehicle would begin braking maneuvers to keep it from shooting out into deep space.

Phase 3: Construct a larger test bed (Farscape-2) To demonstrate immediate benefits of this theory by reaching lunar orbit by using only Earth's gravity as propulsion.

Project Status : FARSCAPE

PHASE-1: Farscape-1 constructed and tested in under 22 months.

PHASE-2: Farscape-1 launched on March 17, 2000, on board NASA's Atlantis space shuttle. Farscape-1 performed a number of maneuvers to place Farscape-1 in proper position to dive into the Earth's upper atmosphere. During its dive Farscape-1 acceleration increased exponentially then disappeared. Early reports were that Farscape-1 must have burnt up in the ionosphere during the test.


PHASE-3: Farscape-2 AJT-78-9239 CANCELED(Launch Date May 15 2001) would use the Earth's gravity to place it in a lunar orbit. The uncompleted Farscape 2 module has been moved to IASA Headquarters Sydney Australia.



Project Status: CANCELED AJT-78-9229 Farscape-2 By program review board IASA offices. Sidney, Australia.

 X) Farscape-1 launched from the NASA space Shuttle Chirchill. Trajectory for Atmospheric Insertion Begins 00:00:00

1) Farscape-1 insertion starts at 00:00:22

2) Farscape-1 begins breakaway maneuver at 00:00:34. Gravity shear was detected by laser tracking system.

3) Farscape-1 velocity increases to 23,571 mph. At 00:00:55 a phenomenon is recorded above Farscape-1. Farscape-1 transmitting telemetry is frozen no new data is recorded.

4) Farscape-1 stops transmitting telemetry at 00:00:58.

5) Signal detected 00:09: 47 after atmospheric insertion began a signal was detected by IASA Deep Space Radio Telescope on board the International Space Station (ISS). Signal origin unknown.

 1) 00:00:22 Solar flare activity is recorded by IASA control team on board ISS. Solar activity is having some effect on communication. But radiation is well within safety limits.


All systems check- Nominal.

2) Insertion in atmosphere is confirmed at 00:00:24. Acceleration testing begins. Velocity increased to 23,571 miles per hour.


All systems check- Nominal.

 3) 00:00:55 seconds into insertion a infrared red spectrometer at the NASA Paloalto Observatory recorded this phenomenon above Farscape-1. Observers on the shuttle do not record such an anomaly. Data from Farscape-1 froze at this point.

Phenomenon; Unknown.

 4) 00:00:58 seconds into insertion the phenomenon above Farscape-1 was recorded by USAF satellite LJ-USAF . No new data was recorded from Farscape-1. All signals and tracking was lost at 00:00:58. Note: The on board telemetry systems elapse time has stopped.

Signal and Tracking lost.

 5) 09:47:13 after atmospheric insertion had begun a signal was detected by IASA Deep Space Radio Telescope on board the International Space Station (ISS). Note: the elapse time from Farscape-1 on board telemetry systems show only 1 minute 4 seconds have passed since atmospheric insertion.The short Audio segment shows that Commander Crichton did survive the initial impact with this phenomenon.

  6) The signal was detected 47 light years away. This is a projection of the trajectory of Farscape-1. No other signals have been detected. The IASA has continued to monitor along projected coarse. Over the past 7 months there have been no other detected signals.

Cause of Time Dilation; Unknown.

Farscape-1: Test vehicle

Ship Status: Unknown.

Commander John Crichton

Pilot Status: Unknown.

AJT-78-9229 Farscape-1. File

Internal IASA Review Conclusion:

Commander Crichton's team based at Cape Canaveral did not receive telemetry after 0:00:55 and is unaware of the last signal from Farscape-1. They did however detect the energy wave that fist struck Farscap-1. Obviously the IASA will continue with its public statement that the Farscape Project failed and the pilot and craft were lost. But the anomalies in telemetry find that Farscape-1 did not burn up in the atmosphere but has somehow been transported a vast distance through some type of sub space anomaly. Here list below are the recommendations of this committee:

1. Maintain Public stand on program. The test vehicle is presumed to have burnt up in the upper atmosphere over the pacific. Total loss of pilot and test bed. The family of commander Crichton will be compensated a standard IASA Package.1-J33-9705. Program is to be locked down.

2. The IASA privately study this sub space anomaly further by developing the Farscape 2 module as a black program.

3. Suppress the issues raised by Commander Cobb and Jack Crichton any needed force will be approved. Under article 003-A4 Program Security. It is also recommended by the IASA Review Committee that (DK) David Kent Jr. be released from his contract with the IASA and monitored.

4. Program Manager Commander Raymond Wilson be moved from his position to IASA security head to oversee the program.

Now on to the story of what happened to Farscape 2.

International Astronautic Space Administration

  IASA Review Committee

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