I'd like to start off by saying a big thank you to Karl for inviting me to stay and play a while on the coolest fan site there is. Wow!... I mean... what a wild ride this little "project" has been. I've learned a lot about the world of websites and forgotten a whole lot more. LOL

Farscape… What can I say? Can't get enough of it. I first encountered it during a SciFi Channel Chain Reaction one rainy day and I've been hooked ever since. The show's fast-paced and it keeps you guessing. There's a lot of great talent both in front of and behind the camera.

I've always been a huge science fiction fan. Guess it's my dad's fault. We used to watch Star Trek reruns together and that started the ball rolling. By the time I was in high school, I was reading every science fiction author I could get my hands on. Herbert, Brin, Clark. My heroes. I didn't start writing my own stuff until I was in college. And NO ONE was allowed to see it. (Pretty foolish, huh?)

Right now I live in Minnesota (the nation's freezer section) with my hubby and our two doggies (Sebula and Murray). I originally hail from New Orleans, Louisiana. You know: Mardi Gras, mudbugs, Bourbon Street and Creole cooking. (I'm getting homesick just typing this.) So, needless to say, I can identify with Commander Crichton in the "fish out of water" department. (Grin.)

When I can't think of something to write for the fiction pages, I'm usually trying to come up with yet another costume. Check out my masterpiece on the costuming page!

Okay... mushy dren alert... I'm grateful for the wonderful opportunity of working with Karl, Johryn, PKBarb and Toadie at karlsweb. What a great crew of friends to have in the Uncharted Territories! Thanks, guys for the fun, the support and the carefully tempered complaints when I frell up stuff! LOL

Enough about me. Let's hear from you. I'm always eager to know what you have to say about my fiction. Just drop me a line!

Thanks for visiting.

Hope to see you again!

 Amy J.