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Miscellaneous Merchandise




Scorpy's Australian Shirt

UPDATE: Mambo is no longer making or selling these shirts, but you might find one here.

If you’ve been trying to find the shirt that Scorpius wore in Crackers Don’t Matter, here it is! It’s a design by Reg Mombassa called Lost Weekend and is sold by Mambo as one of their “loud shirts”. According to their web site: “This is how the NSW Government's 'cultural burghers' interpreted Joern Utzon's original plans for the Sydney Opera House.” Also, notice that the rocket ship taking off on each sleeve is made of the word MAMBO with flames shooting out of the “feet” of the first letter “M”.

The design on the front of the shirt is a perfect match across the opening. So perfect in fact, that it’s difficult to tell from the photo that there are six buttons made from coconut running down the front. There’s an extra button attached to the care label sewn inside the left front seam. The shirt is made from 100% Rayon and is machine washable in cold water.

It’s a rather loose fitting shirt available in sizes Men S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

This price does not  include shipping and handling.

Price: AU 92.00 (about $52.00 US)

Although its picture is sometimes gone from Mambo’s web site, it’s well worth the visit anyway, and they assure me that the shirt is still available if you email their store.


Key Chains

So far, four keychains have been manufactured for Farscape and each one has its pros and its cons. One of the pros for all the keychains is their price. None of them costs more than $10.00.

Photo Keychain: I put the keys in the picture so you could get a better idea of the size of this keyring. The measurements are about 4 1/2 inches by about 1 1/2", and size is both its best and its worst feature. I never have trouble finding it in my purse and I have a big purse. If you carry it in your pocket, watch out for the corners, you're liable to get poked. They're not sharp, but they are corners.

The photo is the regular Season Two shot covered with some kind of clear coating. You can't see it very well in the picture, but it's pretty scratched. Of course, it bangs around in the purse a lot. I have a couple of keys with the fat black tops, and it's very easy to get these on the ring with the setup they use. On a scale of 1 to 5, I'll give this one a 3. Manufactured by Creation Entertainment.

DRD Keychain: This one is my favorite of the four. Toy Vault used the same little DRD figures in their keychains as they used in the bags of DRDs and baby draks but attached a keyring to the back of it. It's much smaller than the photo one above, but it's bright yellow color makes it easy to find in the purse. The only drawback to this one is the fragility of the eyestalks. They're quite easy to snap off but if you were to wrap them in blue electrical tape, you might eliminate that problem before it happens. This one rates a 5 on my scale, just because it's so cute, and also because I'm hoping that if my car needs repairs, the DRD might be able to take care of it for me.

FS-KEY3.jpg (6181 bytes)

Metal Keychains: These two are by far the most practical. They don't have parts to snap off or edges to poke you, but they aren't very exciting, either. Of the two, the copper one is more interesting to look at because it has a bit of shape to it. I'll give each of these a 2 out of 5. These are made by Creation Entertainment.

Pilot Bust

For those out there who want to give PK Barb a nice little Christmas gift, put this on your list. It’s a limited edition bust of Pilot.  He stands about 8 inches tall by about 7 inches wide. He sits on a black wooden base about 11 inches square and weighs nearly 12 pounds. A metal Creature Shop medallion is embedded into the right front of the base. Carved into the left front corner is an identification stating: Farscape - Original Design by Jim Henson's Creature Shop Character: Pilot.

I saw this Pilot bust (or his first cousin) at the Farscape Convention in Burbank last August. It looks to be made of bronze, but I couldn’t be sure. He might be hollow but again, I couldn’t tell for certain. I do know that it’s more a work of art than a piece of fan memorabilia.

Although this is a limited edition, I wasn’t able to find out how many they will produce. Not too many, though, because it’s very expensive. Creation Entertainment, who has an exclusive arrangement with Henson, sells it on their website for $2000.00 (plus shipping, I’m sure). I heard that Pilot was quite upset to see that, on their web page, Creation called this a prop.

Farscape is owned by The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Entertainment, Nine Network (Australia) and the Sci-Fi Channel. No copyright infringement is intended and no financial gain has been made by any of the staff of this web site.