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Trading Cards and Related Merchandise:

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ArtiFEX card set

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Peacekeeper Wars 

Expansion Set

W-A71.jpg (18052 bytes)Shortly after the Farscape: Through the Wormhole set came out, Rittenhouse Archives published an update set that includes Fran Buller's autograph (Ahkna) and 7 new Sean Pence ArtiFEX cards. These include Braca, Crais, Grayza and 4 others that were missing from the originals. This is a limited edition of 333 sets.


Farscape: Through the Wormhole Cards

Just like the mini-series wound up Farscape: The TV Series, this set completes the Farscape trading card series. There were a lot of autographs missing from the various sets that should have been there and now, here they are. Rittenhouse Archives did a great job of filling in the gaps. 

This is a much more difficult set to complete than any of the others. There are 37 different autographs, three of which are listed as "very limited" (200-300 available). There's also the two-case incentive card, a double autograph of Ben Browder as John Crichton and Wayne Pygram as Harvey. 

Base Set

This time out, the cards in the base set are totally character based. Each of the main cast has 9 cards while recurring guests (and puppets) have 1-6 each. The front of the card has one large image that looks like a publicity photo and three smaller ones that appear to be vidcaps. The card backs tell the story of the characters and have another small image. Each character's cards are a different color - Chiana's are pink, D'Argo's green.

The Quotable Farscape: Season 1

Since every other season of Farscape cards has quotables except season 1, the Wormhole set includes a 22-card subset called The "Quotable" Farscape: Season 1. These are found at a ratio of 1:5 packs, or 8 per box. Rittenhouse Archives seems to have hit on all the best quotes from each episode. For example, the "You can be more" conversation from Premier, John's "Since I left home..." lament from Jeremiah Crichton, and John & Rygel's "Don't you tempt me, Fluffy" from Throne for a Loss.

ArtiFEX cards

ArtiFEX cards are reprinted from original artwork, in this case artwork by artist Sean Pence (see more of Sean's artwork in our Artwork Gallery pages).

W-PKW.jpg (17682 bytes)Peacekeeper Wars

The fronts of these cards have a large image of a scene from Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars while the backs have another image and a short bit about the story, which is briefly told through the 18 cards in the series. these were inserted at a rate of 1:5 packs, so this is a fairly easy sub-set to collect.

W-CW1.jpg (27072 bytes)Crichton's Women

There are nine cards in this subset which celebrates all the women Crichton's kissed. Included are Aeryn, Katralla, Gilina and 6 others. (There should probably be ten cards - I think he's kissed Rygel more than anyone except Aeryn.) The cards are really nice, with two images on the front and a blurb about the kissee on the back. This is a pretty difficult subset to collect, with only one card in each 40-pack box. 

Sketch Card

The case-topper for this set is an autographed sketch card by Wayne Pygram. Remember in Peacekeeper Wars when Harvey drew the quickie sketch of Scorpius on the blackboard? Well, that's what Wayne drew and signed. 

Autograph Cards 

W-DA1.jpg (18332 bytes)Tons. There are tons of autos in this set. For the first time, there are double autographs and multi-case incentive autographs. I've been waiting a long time for a double Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) and Ben Browder (John Crichton) card. It's also nice to see an Alyssa-Jane Cook (Gilina Renaez - PK Tech Girl & John Quixote) as well as a Carmen Duncan (Leslie Crichton Won't Get Fooled Again & Kansas). My only regret is that there are no autographs from any of the puppeteers or the Creature Shop artists.

There are some repeats from other seasons, but that's fine with me. You can never have too many David Franklin (Captain Braca) cards.

For a complete listing of the cards in this set, go to Rittenhouse Archives website. 

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