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Trading Cards and Related Merchandise:

Base 258

Base 258 Terra Firma 

Autographed ArtiFEX
Autographed ArtiFEX Card  XH6
S4_ArtiFexSet.jpg (17938 bytes)
ArtiFEX Card  Set
Autograph A24
C21 Moya Costume Card
Gallery Card G4
BTS 56 Kansas
 Quotable 66 Bad Timing

Farscape Season Four Cards

May 21, 2003: I just finished opening a case of the newest Farscape cards, the season four set, and as usual, they’re great. The cards are printed on heavier stock this time around – about the same weight as The Quotable Farscape and Behind the Scenes were in the season three set. The base set has three cards for each episode and each card has a large picture on the front that in general is quite good although a few of them are a bit dark. On the back is a different smaller image with 1/3 of the episode synopsis. Beneath this is an area for a Farscape Fact related to the episode. The text is fun to read and brings back a lot of memories from Farscape’s final season (for now).

The first box I opened from the case was an archive box. These boxes are specially marked with an orange sticker on the lid, 15 on the inside and 15 on the outside for a total of 30 archive boxes – mine was on the inside. Each archive box contains at least one of every card in the season three set except for the binder-exclusive P3 and C21 Moya costume/relic cards, so I was able to complete my set right away. Good thing, too, because two boxes in the case had no costume card and another had only one autograph. I’m pretty sure that Rittenhouse Archives will make good on it’s guarantee of two autographs and one costume in every box, but in any case, I’m pretty happy about that archive box.

This set is very easy to complete compared to previous Farscape sets. Originally there was to have been a parallel set of ArtiFEX cards autographed by the artist, Virginia Hey, but Rittenhouse gave in to pressure from collectors and eliminated all but one of them, the Zhaan card. The odds on the whole set were ridiculous, having one card per case and 9 different cards in the set. At the very least, it would take 9 12-box cases to complete the set. Or one archive box. It’s too bad that they couldn’t have found a happy medium between none-at-all and impossible-to-complete. Perhaps Rittenhouse will offer an expansion set that will include these cards and the Justin Monjo autograph card that was also eliminated from the set. They’ve done expansion sets for Hercules, Nemesis and James Bond—why not Farscape!

Autograph Cards

Finally they've included both Kent McCord (Jack Crichton) and David Franklin (Braca) on the autograph list. Murray Bartlett is also a welcome addition, but the back of his card says, "Muray Bartlett as D.K. in 'Won't Get Fooled Again'," so it was probably originally slated for the Season Two set. Nonetheless, the card is very welcome. 

This is what I found in my case, including the archive box.

  • One A22 Raelee Hill as Sikozu (Ms. Hill added a neat little heart to each of her autographs – nice touch!)
  • One A23 Melissa Jaffer as Noranti
  • One A24 Rebecca Riggs as Grayza (Rebecca wins the penmanship award for this set – every autograph looks like she signed it before her hand got tired)
  • One A25 David Franklin as Braca
  • Two A26 Lani Tupu as Pilot’s voice
  • Two A27 Rowan Woods as Male Zhaan
  • Five A28 Elizabeth Alexander as Vella
  • Three A29 Murray Bartlett as DK
  • Three A30 Bruce Spence as Prefect Falaak
  • Three A31 John Bach as Einstein
  • Four A32 Wayne Pygram as Harvey
  • Six A33 Gigi Edgley as green Chiana
  • Two A34 Kent McCord as Jack Crichton
  • Three XH6 Virginia Hey Autographed ArtiFEX card

Costume Cards

Besides the five costume cards from the boxes, there's another one that's exclusive to the Season Four Binders, the Moya costume/relic card. These are made from the material that covered the corridors in the ship. It feels like foil and looks like silver splotched with spots of metallic bronze and gold. The Jool card is the rarest with only 630 having been inserted. There are 725 of Jothee and more than 1500 of the others. As far as I've been able to learn, there are no variations in any of costume cards. Some of the splotches on the Moya card are different, but that's about it.

Here's what I found in my case:

  • Two C16 Jool
  • One C17 Jothee (Was he ever in Season Four? See the next article for a possible explanation.)
  • Five C18 Noranti
  • Four C19 Braca
  • Three C20 Grayza

Farscape Gallery Cards

I found these cards a little strange. There's a piece of...what?...some kind of transparancy or slide imbedded in the card. These are inserted at the rate of 1/40 packs. They're quite attractive but I can't seem to get past that slide thing. You can't see it very well unless you hold it up to the light. I understand that the same quantity of each is available and once again, it's relatively easy to complete the set. Here's my case breakdown:

  • Three G1 Crichton
  • Two G2 Aeryn
  • Two G3 D'Argo
  • Two G4 Chiana
  • Four G5 Crais
  • Three G6 Scorpius
  • Three G7 Grayza
  • Three G8 Sikozu
Behind the Scenes and The Quotable Farscape

These are my favorites of all the cards in the set. There's one of each card for every Season Four episode. The pictures are beautiful, clear and bright. The backs of the BTS cards were written by David Kemper and give a bit of inside information about each episode. The Quotable cards have - are you ready for it? - a quote from the episode on the back. Whoever chose the quotes did a great job! "She scares the crap out of me." "It's the hat."

With eight of each of these cards in every box, there's no trouble collecting either set. 


Farscape Season 3-4 Uncut Sheet of Costume Cards

Costume Sheet (Front)

Uncut Sheet (Front)

May 21, 2003: A couple of months ago, Rittenhouse offered a limited edition uncut sheet of four Farscape costume cards. Each sheet was hand numbered and signed by Rittenhouse Archives president Steven Charendoff. Talk about a limited edition! There were only 15 (that’s right, 15, XV, fifteen) of these sheets available and they sold out almost immediately. If you weren’t lucky enough to check out RA’s website at exactly the right time, you missed out.

Costume Sheet (Back)

Uncut Sheet (Back)

The sheet contains two cards from the Season Three set (CC14 Harvey and CC15 Xhalax) and two from the Season Four (CC16 Jool and CC17 Jothee). Jothee wasn’t seen is Season Four, which makes me wonder if these cards were all originally slated for the Season Three set since Jothee never appeared in Season Four.


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