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Karlsweb has an exclusive interview with Raven Hood, the sculptor of 
the Rygel and Aeryn action figures.


You voted and Toy Vault listened! Back in March, with the Aeryn figure in danger of never seeing the light of day, Karlsweb ran a poll to get your input. You voted overwhelmingly for a limited edition figure as a premium price and we sent the poll on to Toy Vault. 

Aeryn is now being offered to stores as a limited edition of 3,000 figures. The retail price will be $29.95 and she's scheduled to ship in August. Included with Aeryn are a blaster rifle, a headset and tracker and a metal stand. This could change if dealers don't order enough to make production worthwhile, so be sure to pre-order the toy ASAP.

Action_Officer Aeryn sun front 2.jpg (50791 bytes) Action_Officer Aeryn Sun profile.jpg (53173 bytes) Action_Aeryns HolsterAnd leg.jpg (39899 bytes) AerynSunPeaceKeeper.jpg (58211 bytes)
Front Side Closeup Completed Figure



March 8, 2003: The Commando Aeryn action figure is in danger of being cancelled, but Toy Vault has come up with a possible solution. If it comes down to the wire, instead of canceling the figure altogether, there’s a chance they might produce a small quantity of them for a premium price - $29.95.


March 4, 2003: Sadly, the new Aeryn boxed figure has been put on hold by Toy Vault. A spokesman for Toy Vault told Newscape that they're waiting to see how orders go on Farscape Reunited, which are incredibly small to date. Retailers are passing on ordering the figures, saying that since Farscape has been cancelled, they're not going to order merchandise from the show.

There is one other possibility that Toy Vault is considering if they can't go ahead with the full run. A limited edition of Commando Aeryn at a higher price of $29.95 could be the solution. Toy Vault wants to know how you feel about this. Click Here to cast your vote as to whether this idea interests you. 

Toy Vault is proceding on the D'Argo cold cast statue. Click Here for more information and images of the Aeryn figure.

Click here for images and information about the D'Argo statue.


March 4, 2003 UPDATE: Karlsweb Newscape just learned directly from Toy Vault that the cold cast prepainted statue of D'Argo is nearly ready to roll. The statue is 11 inches tall and was sculpted by John Allard. Click on the pictures for a closer look at everyone's favorite Luxan.
DArgoStatue3.jpg (63767 bytes) DArgoStatue2.jpg (99456 bytes)


February 6, 2003: Sadly, the next issue of the Farscape Reunited series of action figures has been suspended by Toy Vault. According to a spokesman for Toy Vault, sales on the first two figures were "fairly dismal" and retailers "tell us they don't want to buy them because the series is discontinued." 

UPDATE: In addition to the news about the Reunited series of figures, Toy Vault's spokesman also told us that although the Aeryn Commando figure (see images below) is still a go for now, they reserve the right to cancel if their pre-production orders are less than 1/3 of the production run.


Action_Officer Aeryn Sun front.jpg (52048 bytes)

Officer Aeryn Sun, front view

Action_Officer Aeryn Sun profile.jpg (53173 bytes)

Officer Aeryn Sun, side view

Action_Aeryns HolsterAnd leg.jpg (39899 bytes)

Close up side view

Action_Irreversibly contaminated front.jpg (51996 bytes)

Irreversibly Contaminated

Action_Irreversibily contaminated profile.jpg (25423 bytes)

Close-up of Irreversibly Contaminated

January 27, 2003: UPDATE: Karlsweb has just learned directly from Toy Vault that the Officer Aeryn Sun action figure is still in the works and is in the final pre-production stage.

Toy Vault will be releasing two new Aeryn Sun action figures soon, Irreversibly Contaminated and Officer Aeryn Sun. Here's an exclusive look at the figures. Thanks to Toy Vault for giving Newscape permission to post these fantastic photos. Click on the images for a larger version.


Action_Arala.jpg (43156 bytes) Action_CrichtonLATP.jpg (49100 bytes) January 27, 2003 UPDATE: Toy Vault's first two figures in the Farscape Reunited line are finished and in the shops. Farscape Reunited features the Series One Zhaan and Crichton with all-new cloth clothing and paint changes. Zhaan will be disguised as Arala, the pirate persona she used in Liars, Guns and Money to set up a robbery of the shadow depository. Crichton will be wearing his wedding clothes from Look at the Princess.


January 20, 2003: Expect to see four new limited edition Farscape Bobble Dobbles from Rittenhouse Archives this April 23! The four will be John Crichton, Scorpius, Zhaan and Chiana. Each Bobble is made of heavy resin composite, has been hand-painted and is individually numbered 1 to 1,000. A set of four, one of each with matching numbers, will retail for $80.00.  

DargoStatue01.jpg (129235 bytes)D'ARGO STATUE

January 19, 2003: There'll be a new Farscape statue coming out this winter from Toy Vault. It's called D'Argo, Luxan Warrior. It's a pre painted statue of D'Argo (no surprise there) looking quite fierce and ready to hack something (or somebody) with his qualta blade. He stands 11 inches tall and was sculpted by John Allard. 

In other Toy Vault news, the plush Rygel toy has been put off until sometime in 2003.  

Zoot.jpg (182790 bytes)MUPPETs SERIES THREE

Palisades Marketing's sculpts for the third series of Muppet figures debuted at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Zoot (pictured at left) was sculpted by Raven Hood, the artist who created the Rygel action figure for Toy Vault. To read Karlsweb's interview with Raven Hood about sculpting Rygel, click here.

Other Muppets in the new set will be Rowlf, Scooter, Lew Zealand, The Swedish Chef and his gazillion-feature Swedish Kitchen.

RowlfTux.jpg (114020 bytes) Scooter.jpg (203367 bytes) LewZealand.jpg (197249 bytes) SwKitchen01.jpg (252650 bytes)
Rowlf Scooter Lew Zealand Swedish Chef

THE action toys' TOYS

 Hynerian Head

Rygel's Throne Sled

Rygel's Pipe

Rygel's Tadek Game

Muppet Action Figures

Wondering what the new Muppet action figures will look like? Here are some of the painted prototypes for the figures which will be released by Palisades Toys  in late spring. Each character will come with it's own boxed playset. For pricing, photos and more information, check Actionfigurexpress.



Rygel Dominar of Hyneria Rygel Royalty in Exile


Click on the pictures for an interview with Raven Hood, the sculptor of the Rygel and the Aeryn action figures.

series 2 action toys!

Vengeance is Mine

Captain Bialar Crais

Scorpius the Hunter

Master of Evil

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