Javio, the commander of the Gammak base where Crichton had his first run-in with Scorpius, wore yet another version of the red and black Peacekeeper costume. This one has a long jacket with epaulets on the shoulders. And the hat, mustn't forget the hat.

Commandant Mele-on Grayza, the newest insane military commander who's chasing Crichton. But perhaps her reasons are quite different than those of Crais and Scorpy.

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Makir Tal, the Peacekeeper who was a prisoner of Naj Gil, Hubero and Orrhn Pak in Fractures.

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Lieutenant Reljik from Into the Lion's Den Part1: Lambs to the Slaughter

Crais's former lover, Larell (left)and Aeryn's 
friend Henta (right) from Into the Lion's Den

Xhalax.jpg (23073 bytes) 3PeacekeeperNurse.jpg (7673 bytes) Dacon.jpg (16395 bytes) PKKids.jpg (15155 bytes)
Xhalax Sun from Thanks for Sharing Nurse Froy from Incubator Sub-Officer Dacon from ..Different Destinations Peacekeeper kids from Into the Lion's Den

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