A variety of Peacekeeper designs for John and Aeryn in A Bug's Life. These are some of the most popular costumes that people want to make for themselves. For a look at Amy's fantastic Peacekeeper costumes, go to Karlsweb's Costuming pages.
The design at the far left seems to be an earlier incarnation of the costumes that were actually used in A Bug's Life

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Aeryn's jacket for The Way We Weren't was originally supposed to be red and black, similar to Velorek's but it ended up being all black.

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Velorek's jacket from The Way We Weren't is slightly different from Crichton's (above). The sleeves are reversed in color and the front fastening is different 

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Captain Crais's costume in Premier. This is his "indoor" clothing without the coat and the dreadful hat shown below. The coat appears to have the same top as the indoor costume but with a skirt added to the back and sides.
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Capt Braca

Capt Braca

Captain Braca's costume in What Was Lost. He became a captain between seasons three and four, mainly due to Commandant Grayza.
Capt Braca Capt Braca


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