John Quixote Costumes

Chiana's Sancho costume from John Quixote
Sancho/Chiana JQChiTopF.jpg (34756 bytes)
JQChiBoots.jpg (20204 bytes)
JQChiD.jpg (18469 bytes)

Look at the Princess - Aeryn in John Quixote

JQAerynPrincess01.jpg (23200 bytes)

JQAerynPrincessD.jpg (21260 bytes)

JQAerynPrincess02.jpg (31569 bytes)

John Crichton as
John Quixote. Except for the goatee, the finished character  looks almost exactly like the design

JQJohnD.jpg (17868 bytes)

JQJohn03.jpg (21863 bytes) JQJohnBack.jpg (20351 bytes)
JQJohn01.jpg (25300 bytes)

JQOgreD.jpg (24587 bytes) JQOgre01.jpg (25184 bytes)

JQRygelBack.jpg (10109 bytes)

JQRygelD.jpg (29341 bytes) JQRygel01.jpg (34378 bytes)

Sir Rygel, the Black Knight.

The horns from the sacrificial goat in What Was Lost find a new home.

JQOgre02.jpg (10383 bytes)


In Unrealized Reality, several of the crew members became one another during one of John's trips down the wormhole. 

Top: Noranti as Rygel. 

Top Center: Rygel as D'Argo

Bottom Center: D'Argo as Jool

Bottom: Sikozu as Stark

Below: Scorpy as Dad

ScorpyDadD.jpg (16354 bytes)

ScorpyDad.jpg (25435 bytes)
Noranti/Rygel Noranti/Rygel Noranti/Rygel
Rygel/D'Argo Rygel/D'Argo Rygel/D'Argo
DargoJoolD.jpg (17460 bytes)





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