Farscape's Emmy-nominated costume department ranks among the best in the world. Check out Karlsweb's Behind the Scenes Wardrobe pages for a look at what goes into creating the fantastic outfits worn on the show.

Hopefully, you'll get some super ideas for costumes that you can create yourself from these pages. For more ideas on creating your own costumes, go to the Karlsweb Costuming pages.

Crais Crichton A Bug's Life


All PK costumes including the ones worn by the "regular cast"  

Regular Cast

These are the costumes for Moya's crew, 
past and present. 

Aliens' Costumes

Everyone who isn't a Peacekeeper or a regular  member of the crew falls into this category. Most of the costumes fall into this category.


Make your own costumes!

Do it yourself! Love the costumes you see on these pages? Check out Karlsweb's Costuming Pages for ideas and instructions on making your own Farscape costumes.

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