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A bust of Pilot from Creation Entertainment

In The Way We Weren't, we learned that Pilot's greatest dream was to see the stars. When he bonded with Moya, a sentient ship, he was able to do what his species cannot do alone - travel through the heavens.

Although pilots' lifespans are much longer than those of leviathans, they sacrifice a long life for the opportunity to travel through the stars. Pilot is Moya's symbiotic administrator and often the translator between Moya and her crew.


In the early stages, Pilot looked much the same as he does now. He was always perceived to be a huge character.

Trading card from Rittenhouse Archives

Farscape: War Torn, a comic from Wildstorm

Pilot also played the part of Rovhu's Pilot in Eat Me...

...and Elack's Pilot in the first part of Season Four. 

Lani Tupu, who also plays the part of Captain Bialar Crais, is the voice of Pilot. At the Farscape Convention in Burbank in 2001, Lani explained that he has to record Pilot's voice before he does Crais because Crais's voice is so much deeper and puts a strain on his vocal cords.


London Creature Shop creative supervisor Jamie Courtier talks a little about creating Pilot.  He explains that concept drawings were done by many different people from different angles. The drawings were then shared and compared and the best were used for the actual puppet.

Once the design was finalized, they made a maquette (See images above and below) which is a small-scale sculpture made from Plastolene. They were getting close to deadline and still had no ideas for Pilot's arms. Someone came up with the idea of using the ones that were designed for the original insectoid version of Scorpius, and that's how Pilot got his arms. 

To get a better idea of Pilot's relative size, that's a sketch of D'Argo and Rygel on the right.

One concept called for an anti-gravity bell for Pilot. 

Pilot surounded by his console. Pilot's "Sydney Opera House hat" was developed by Kevin O'Boyle and was an instant success with everyone on the design team. 

Pilot's Skin

PilotMaq01.jpg (26305 bytes)

The folks at the Creature Shop admire a job well done.

A little eyeshadow, a little mascara...

PilotMaq02.jpg (24985 bytes)

Behind (under?) the Scenes



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