Ever wonder what things look like behind the scenes at Farscape? Who is that masked man, anyway? How did those costumes develop? Karlsweb's Behind the Scenes is the place to find out. Simply follow the links to see what people and things looked like before they arrived in your television. 

Before They Were Scaped

See who the real people are under all that makeup.


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Now two pages!

Look here to learn about shipbuilding in the Uncharted Territories. Moya, Talyn, Prowlers and Farscape One are covered.

Revenging Angel

See tons of concept artwork from Season Three's "Revenging Angel" ("the cartoon episode"). 


Farscape's costumes are among the best in the world. This is a quick look at the designs before and after they become costumes.


Do it yourself! Love the costumes you see on these pages? Check out Karlsweb's Costuming Pages for ideas and instructions on making your own Farscape costumes.


Under the Latex & Paint

Here's where you'll find concept drawings, models, makeup and all the things that go into making a great Farscape character.

Under the Latex & Paint

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